We investigated the old Brown County Infirmary with Kelly Barrows and Dina McDaniel from the paranormal group
We experienced a few subtle noises while on the property, but could not capture any solid EVPs while we were there. I personally witnessed an extension cord move right in front of me with NO EXPLANATION to how it could have moved on it's own? That was solid proof to me that there was something anomalous going on at this location.
This is a subtle image anomaly on the window taken in infrared with a Moditronic Paraspectrum Camera. This camera is modified full spectrum with visible light blocked with a quartz crystal lens. Taken with a Phoenix slave flash that shows the pink hued infrared light. This small anomaly is purple, which means that the light from it is in ultraviolet and therefore could not be produced under normal images taken with a Phoenix slave flash and this camera. Since this camera divides both UV and IR light. THIS IS ANOMALOUS!
Light spectrums are separated with this camera
How is this UV anomaly visible here?
                    What is this?​
Infrared light is always PINK
Ultraviolet light is always PURPLE
with a moditronic camera​
*Actually, normal cameras do see in UV beyond our sight*
Two anomalies in this image taken by Paul Bigelow. A strange looking line seen above the van and a light anomaly above the bicycle.
-Image Enhanced-
We specialize in image anomalies and took thousands of images at the Infirmary
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If this was a bug, then we would have seen this before out of the thousands of infrared images taken with this camera
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