SARDINIA, OHIO INVESTIGATION: Claims of voices and object manipulation at the residence. Client claims the Microsoft Kinect games would be played by invisible forces. Clients experienced EXTREME FEAR from the activity in this home.
MIDDLETOWN, OHIO INVESTIGATION: Claims of full apparitions sighted in full vivid color in master bedroom. Client claims one sighting was of a man in an old black/white stripe jail uniform! One anomalous sound we captured while the property was vacated sounds like a heavy door slamming? Almost like an old jail cell door?
GREENHILLS, OHIO INVESTIGATION: Client claimed numerous accounts of object manipulation at this Greenhills apartment.
GOSHEN, OHIO INVESTIGATION: Claims of high level DEMONIC forces at this townhouse from the client. Client experienced EXTREME FEAR from this location.
HAMILTON, OHIO INVESTIGATION: Client had experienced a visual sighting of a blue ball of light in this home. Other claims of knocking and banging coming from unknown sources.
COLERAIN, OHIO INVESTIGATION: Claims of toy blocks being constantly moved and high levels of anxiety felt by the clients of this home. This video is from our first investigation. Our second investigation here turned up absolutely NOTHING!
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