Giggity's bar. Located in Colerain Township, was having numerous claims of anomalous phenomenon reported in the summer of 2010-2011. Claims of the front door opening on its own, objects being moved around inside the bar while workers were there alone. There is one confirmed death at this location. Over 20 years ago, a man was stabbed nearby and collapsed and perished right in this doorway. Before there was any bar here, the place was a convenience store.
Bars are paranormal hotspots and there must be a reason why?
The activity at this location was claimed to be very subtle. Things would happen, then nothing at all. Just quick instances of objects moving, etc. While investigating the location, we were using an ovilus type app that produced the word "Paul" after asking questions, then it put out the word "Drink". We thought that was interesting since ARC Investigator Paul Bigelow was here and we are in a bar where people drink. But, let us be honest. These ovilus ghostbox devices are programmed with a bunch of words that randomly come up due to the sensors in the device. These devices are NOT considered to be any type of serious contact since even though they can produce relevant words that seem to answer questions, they still put out 95% gibberish! We DO NOT take these type of devices seriously for good reason.
ARC Investigator Paul Bigelow said during the investigation that night, that his ear was burning! I took the image on the left and you can clearly see how red his ear is. Was something trying to mess with him?
I could tell you the bizarre things that happend to both of us at this location, but we do not want to spread more fear of the paranormal than there already is... Plus, its just too crazy!
ARC Investigator Scott Toelke now owns this bar and we have NOT had anything strange happen here in at least a few years. Could this be a clue to how paranormal activity seems to occur in bars? As in, were not talking about a quote, "haunted" location. But more like a location where strange things come and go? Are these invisible intelligences coming here and other bars to mess with or influence people while drinking? It is still a mystery and no one really knows anything about how this stuff works or who or what "they" are.
This video was taken by a bartender at Giggity's during the daytime. The straws were just put in right before this and were new. So, that rules out any bug in there moving this. The bartender that shot this video believes this was caused by fans running at the bar causing the straw to move. WE DON'T THINK SO... The movement of the straws appear to be caused by magnetics. But, we know it was not caused by someone playing with a magnet. THIS IS ANOMALOUS! Check it out and judge for yourself.
This is an image anomaly taken in infrared with a Moditronic Paraspectrum Camera with flash synced with a Phoenix slave flash. NOW, I BELIEVE THIS IMAGE TO BE AN ILLUSION... But, since we know someone did die right there in that doorway and others do disagree with me and think this is a legitimate capture of an apparition. HERE IT IS, JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. One thing for sure is that this is NOT a reflection from one of us inside the bar.
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You think this is an ILLUSION? or an APPARITION?​
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