Located on the outskirts of Hamilton County at the end of Lick Road, is the Richardson Forest Preserve. Claims of Anomalous Phenomenon around this location have been purported for years. This is a location that we can make a link to possible geological or geomagnetic  Anomalies enhancing this Phenomenon
We found a link between this location and Native American Burial Sites that cannot be ignored...
Kemper Road
Bank Road
Where Bank Road runs into Kemper Road lies the remains of a Native American Burial Ground.
Lick Road
Kemper Road
Bank Road
This mound has been confirmed by the Coleraine Historical Society
This mound is just right down the road from the "hotspot" area at the end of Lick Road. We know of no burial mounds existing in the Richardson Forest Preserve. But, take a look at this line that is drawn between the Burial Mound and the "hotspot" area at the end of Lick Road
Notice the RED LINE and how it lines up with the "Hotspot" area
Here is a more detailed view of the area in question at Lick Road. The purple line highlights the path leading back to what we call the "hotspot" area there, and where our images were taken
The RED LINE on all these satellite images is just a straight line drawn from the Colerain Twp Burial Mound at Kemper Road and Bank Road to Mounds State Park in Anderson Indiana
This straight line runs right  through the area of Lick Road where Anomalous Phenomenon occurs and lines up also with Reily Ohio and the Indian Creek Burial Mound
Were Native people tracking some type of leyline or grid by the allignment of these mounds???
Indian Creek Mound
Over 70 miles distance from Colerain Mound to Mounds State Park in Anderson Indiana
Reily Ohio
Enhanced Image
Image anomaly from Lick Road showing something ANOMALOUS coming up out of the ground
Image anomaly from Reily Ohio showing something ANOMALOUS coming up out of the ground
Were Native people on these lands tracking some type of ANOMALOUS ENERGY by marking these sites with Burial Mounds???
They buried their dead on certain locations considered Sacred or Holy
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