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Satellite images showing the Indian Creek Preserve and Springdale Cemetery almost on the red line. The red line runs directly from a Colerain twp burial mound to Mounds State Park in Anderson Indiana. This is why Reily Ohio and this location caught our interest.
Site of a Native American Burial Mound at the Indian Creek Preserve
Native Burial Mound
The area of interest in Reily Ohio is the Springdale Cemetery
Indian Creek Preserve
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Image anomaly taken at Springdale Cemetery showing something anomalous coming up out of the ground
Image Enhancements
We also caught an audio anomaly on video that was not heard at the time and occured right when something overloaded my camera
This video is from one night one of our cameras was overloaded. Within minutes of shooting images at the Springdale Cemetery the camera had drained so much that it would not fire its flash. I was using a Phoenix slave flash to light up the shot with infrared light. So, I was forced to run video and autofire the slave flash. I immediately stopped recording video when I saw the camera go from empty to full charge. This audio anomaly was not heard by any of us. I stopped recording since now I could go back to firing images since its full. Thats when the Phoenix slave flash would not fire! Something destroyed it permanently!
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