The Wolf House is a residential home located in Taylor Mill, Kentucky. We were asked by Wanda Kay to come out and investigate this home where supposed paranormal events ran away the last owner here. Initial claims were of a malevolent force here, intimidating the owner of almost 7 years. Until he had enough and vacated the home.
Initial psychic/medium impressions claim a high level demonic was coming into the home from the woods behind the house
Floral Hills Cemetery is located right behind the Wolf House
Here is Wanda Kay's initial interview with the previous owner of the Wolf House. At 7:17 in this video, Bob talks about an image anomaly on a picture of his dog before it was ran over in front of the home. Bob said he got so mad and crumpled up the pic and threw it away. At 12:20 in this video Bob talks about the smoke alarms in the home going off. Even after the batteries were removed! At 16:11 in this video, WTF is the deal with all the flies on that windowsill? At 22:35 in this video, Wanda Kay brings up an important point about the neighbors home behind the Wolf House experiencing similar anomalies. After our first investigation here we were told the neighbors heard screams coming from the Wolf House. We were quiet all night and DID NOT touch either of the loud screeching garage doors that night. Our findings suggest that this phenomenon is land based and has an area of effect in and AROUND this home.
Friends of Bob on Facebook told us that "Big Bad Bob is afraid of nothing, and this spirit ran him out!"
We would investigate this location on two separate nights. The first night here we were blown away by an EVP capture we call the "Hillbilly EVP". Bizarre beeping and electronic sounds when this voice is heard. WE BOTH HEARD NOTHING!
The second night here we captured an even more bizarre EVP we call the "Freak EVP".The voice sounds extremely insane and non-human. Again, we heard NOTHING AT ALL!
This video shows our findings from spending two nights at the Wolf House
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This is an interesting image anomaly, since we have never seen anything like this before. There is only one anomaly in this image and it is creating lens flare back into the camera to duplicate these ovals. I also find this anomaly interesting since it seems to be hiding behind the UV light.
This anomalous light was captured behind the home walking back up to it. Nothing at all to ping back light was located there. Notice the X ping this anomaly gives off.
<<< Anomaly
This image taken in front of the home shows a black mass anomaly up in front of the loft. The flash pinging off the front door is creating lens flare seen by the orange circles.
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